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2013 Seminar for Men – Part 3

As often happens here, there was an unexpected visitor during the Seminar! An aspiring MP for the 4th March election (who comes from our Nyaagi P/House), asked to come in and say a few words. He waited for 10 minutes listening to our speaker, and I showed him the handout sheet, which he dutifully read. We then interrupted the main speaker and gave him the floor, as he had a busy schedule. He is actually a nice man, and his son started studying in Perth, West Australia, in 2012.

Our aspiring MP spoke for about 15 minutes – very short by local standards – and he did so moderately and carefully, speaking in support of the Seminar and the Church, and saying: “I will thank God if I win, and thank God if I lose, at the elections.”

He finished at 1:30pm, and we then continued with the main speaker until 2:15pm, when we broke for lunch. I was amazed that the men were still alert, since the speaker started at 12:15pm. After lunch we broke into groups and Mr Inoti was brilliant at splitting them up quickly… I was planning 10 or 15 men per group but he did by decades… one group for each above 40, and one group under 40.

The Questions:

1. What was the role of a man 50 years ago?

a. What is the role of a man today?

b. How do men act today?

2. What do men need to assist them today?

3. How do our Fathers bless us before leaving home?

4. How can we make Church and Faith more welcoming and encouraging?

5. Why do men NOT come to SCC & other Church groups?

2013-02-16 - men's seminar (1)
The Youngsters in a Huddle (under 40 Years)

After 30 minutes we reassembled, and then had a vote of thanks by the Parish Chairman, followed by the parish priest, Fr Daquin; and, then, we invited Fr Gideon OMI and Br Dionisius OMI to introduce themselves (that’s our Oblate Community at Kionyo). Before lunch we had about 160 men, but after lunch we were down to 120. I can’t say how many we started with, because in Kenya, people keep coming until the end! 10am Mass started 30 minutes late with about 20 men.

2013-02-16 - men's seminar (6)
The Middle Aged Outside (60 – 70 Years)

So, with all these interruptions, we only had time to have feedback from the youngest and oldest groups. We then finished off the day as it was almost 5pm. Having started 40 minutes late, and all the interruptions, I was amazed the men were so attentive… and afterwards, the feedback was wonderfully positive… all I could think was: “thank God for our main speaker!”

2013-02-16 - men's seminar (5)
The Seniors Group (over 70 Years)


God of Jeremiah, We pray for men who speak your word to our community
Encourage them, enlighten them, hearten them.

God of Zaccheus We pray for men who seek you.
Accompany them, meet them, bless them.

God of Abraham, We pray for men who journey in hope
Strengthen them, enable them, settle them.

God of the boy David, We pray for young men.
Protect them, challenge them, satisfy them.

God of the nameless thieves on the crosses beside Jesus,
We pray for men in desperate situations - Guide them, equip them, weep with them.

God of Peter the Apostle, We pray for men who are leaders in church and society
Sensitise them, sustain them, assure them.

God of Jairus, whose young daughter was healed
We pray for family men - Help them, steer them, counsel them.

God of all people everywhere, Equip us to be what you call us to be
In all our diversity and complexity Wherever we are, for your love’s sake, Amen.

(Source: http://www.pauanglican.org.nz/index.php/activities/mens-group )


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