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2013 Seminar for Men – Part 2

Opening Prayer

Almighty God, You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
You hold all authority in heaven and earth.

As I approach your throne of grace,
I seek to give you the respect you deserve.

I come before you acknowledging the areas of responsibility
you have put in my life. You have ordained that I be a leader
in my home, in my church, and in my workplace.

I ask you to raise me up to be the best leader I can be this day.
I bow my head, and I bow my WILL to you today.

By faith, I believe that you are bringing me
the wisdom and guidance that I need this day.

I declare that I will cooperate with you as you bring my mind, WILL, and emotions
into agreement with your plans and purposes.

In Jesus' Name. Amen.

(Source: http://www.inspirational-prayers.com/prayers-for-men.html )

The theme of our 2013 Seminar was to become the men we were made to be! To be ACTIVE, and not to be PASSIVE.

[I must express a vote of thanks to Robert Falzon in Australia (co-founder of menALIVE men’s ministry – www.menALIVE.org.au), for his suggestions and resource materials.]

The seminar began with a quick mention of the Biblical King David and his actions during the sickness and death of his illegitimate baby. The example of King David was deliberately chosen to show that all of us are sons of God, even when we make bad decisions and do bad things… I asked how many of the men had had an affair and arranged to have the husband killed? No one volunteered that they had!

The death of Bathsheba's child.

His officers said, 'Why are you acting like this? When the child was alive you fasted and wept; now the child is dead you get up and take food.‘ 'When the child was alive' he answered 'I fasted and wept because I kept thinking, "Who knows? Perhaps God will take pity on me and the child will live.“ But now he is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him but he cannot come back to me.' (2 Sam 12:21-23 - Jerusalem Bible)

In the midst of crisis and sadness, King David was NOT PASSIVE… he was ACTIVE.

Mr Inoti, a main speaker, is a very good man, and the talk he gave was more like a TV evangelist! He was funny, serious, and at ease. The men responded with laughter, feedback and interjection. In contrast, when I introduced the topics and gave information, people were polite, but subdued… one old man in the front had his head tilted back with his mouth open have a snooze! I took that as a cue to wrap it up quick.

2013-02-16 - men's seminar (3)
The Main Speaker – Mr Inoti (front-left)

Most of the men understand English, but accents are a problem. My accent is easier than Canadian, but to assist the event, I put key points on a PowerPoint Slideshow, and this at least gave the men something to read!

If you are interested, you can get the file here…


At the end of the day, we also gave a single, double sided, sheet with notes and thoughts for each person, hoping that this might become discussion items at local CMA meetings.



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