A Missionary Journey in Kenya

Receiving more than I give

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Travelling to Nairobi.
Hi there. been a while since I said hello. Settling back into the parish has
been an active experience. Last week I went down to Nairobi for business and
supplies, and to say a proper farewell to our Scholastic Brother from
Canada. The Mission Superior, David and myself went Italian on the Sunday
night after a quick trip from Kionyo to Nairobi.

The trip down was an eye opener, even after two years over here in Africa. I
arrived at Nkubu (13km below the parish at the main road to Nairobi). There
was a "shuttle" almost ready to go. 3 more passengers required, 2 after I
got in. 20 minutes later we headed off. It is a Toyota Hi-Ace type of
vehicle (without the 'Hi' part!). There a 3 rows of three seats behind the
driver. I was in the row immediately behind the driver, with two young
mothers and five (YES, 5!) little kids sprawled around in various positions.
The Police in Australia would throw the driver into jail for 20 years, I
guess. If the vehicle had an immediate stop, two of the kids would go
through the front window. But, in Kenya, people have a poor sense of danger
and consequences.

For once in my life I kept my mouth shut and just offered up a prayer. About
halfway, the mother next to me started dipping her head to her lap. after
two or three times I realised she was a little car sick, but was so discrete
it was amazing. At the halfway stop I offered her a soft-drink, but she did
not want it, but accepted a bottle of water. After halfway the kids all fell
asleep again, and then mum got sick again. Just before Nairobi one of the
kids got sick in sympathy with mum. When we arrived I slipped a little
pocket money to the mum. some people do it tough over here, and mothers seem
to bear a heavier load than men.


Economy Express to Nairobi.

On Monday I went to town to purchase survey equipment to complement the
generous donation of a Total Station (theodolite) I received in Australia. I
purchased two wooden legs (tripods as they call them here), a 2m range-pole
and a 5m levelling staff. It all cost me about $750, so now I will have some
left over funds to insure the Total Station. I also arranged for 4
second-hand LCD computer screens, 4 keyboards and 4 "mouse's" for the
Computer lab.

On Tuesday I went to the M.E.D.S. company (Mission for Essential Drug
Supplies) established by the Bishops here to provide good quality drugs at
affordable prices. Here I stocked up on supplies for the two Medical
Dispensaries we have in the parish. The place was past the airport, so I
took a taxi. I came back to town with 4 boxes, collected the computer box,
and the two survey boxes and three men assisted me to carry them to the
"shuttle" back to the parish. I purchased three seats at the back of the
shuttle. I didn't realise this one was not my normal company until too late.
a bit exhausted with the loaded walk (I must be getting old!). This shuttle
was a Nissan 14 seater, meaning there is less space. I was in the back seat
so received the maximum vertical momentum at every bump. two seats were for
boxes (plus a couple behind the seat) and one for me.

I was planning to do a little typing along the way, but didn't even start!
So I read a book and tried to enjoy the journey. actually, I was a bit
amazed I got everything done and fitted in the vehicle. I must be becoming

Well, I better head to bed after a couple of late nights. OK, take care with
whatever you are doing, and keep smiling. it confuses people!!

God Bless, Gerard


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